Non Surgical Face Lift

Information and treatment options

What you hear about in the news that is so controversial is "embryonic stem cells" which are derived from embryos before tissues begin to form. In our stem cell procedures, the stem cells used are derived from body fat. These stem cells are called "Adult Stem Cells" and can replenish their count in large numbers throughout our lives. The primary function of adult stem cells is to maintain and repair the tissue in which they are found. There is no controversy surrounding the use of your own stem cells.

In a stem cell face lift procedure, Dr. Sonnie will harvest your fat from areas such as your abdomen or love handles. He will then process your fat in his own State-of-the Art Stem Cell Extraction Lab to extract the adult stem cells from the fat sample.

The stem cells are then added back into another fat sample to be injected into your breasts or face. By adding these stem cells into a sample of your fat, their numbers are now much greater. This "stem cell enriched" fat sample gives the newly transplanted fat cells a greater chance of survival causing the fat cells to grow, collagen to form and the skin to plump, thus improving the appearance of the skin's texture and filling in areas of depression or uneveness.
Just like dermal filler products, a Stem Cell Face Lift can add volume back to your face to create a marked improvement to superficial fine lines, wrinkles and overall texture of your skin. The difference is, dermal filler products can wear off over time, whereas, a stem cell enriched procedure is permanent. The stem cells also stimulate cell production that continues to work after your initial treatment.

Once transplanted into their new site, the stem cells signal nearby blood vessels and growth factors to begin to grow which nourish the stem cells and any transplanted fat helping to promote its survival Sometimes a touch-up procedure may be required if more volume is needed to obtain symmetry.