Chicken Pox Scars

Information and treatment options

Chicken pox scar patients suffer from a very common condition, specifically chicken pox scars or depressed, indented, sunken areas of the skin following an attack of chicken pox. Chicken pox is a virus that results in inflammatory lesions on the skin, usually at a young age. The inflammation can be so severe that it causes a loss of collagen, elastin and supportive elements of the skin as the chicken pox inflammatory lesion resolves and the skin heals with a depressed, sunken, scarred appearance.​

Summerwood Medical Centre Treatments which are recommended include:

  • Intense Pulsed Light
  • FotoFacial / PhotoFacial
  • Fractionated Laser Treatments
  •   Chemical Peel Treatments
  • ​ Skin TX Home Skin Acne Correcting System
  • Levulan Treatment
  • ​Blue Light Treatment
  • Fractional eMatrix Treatments
  • ​ Affirm Fractionated Treatments