Medical Detoxification 

Offered at Summerwood Medical Center

the main characteristics of Addiction involving alcohol and/or drugs include:

  • An overpowering feeling to keep drinking and/or using drugs

  • Drinking or using drugs more often or in larger doses than intended

  • Feeling annoyed by others criticizing your drinking and/or drug use

  • Hiding or lying about your alcohol and/or drug use

Medical Detoxification and Withdrawal Management

Addiction involving alcohol and/or drugs is a chronic medical condition. The aim of medically supervised outpatient withdrawal management and medical detoxification is to provide the appropriate level of support and minimize the risks associated with detoxification and withdrawal. An understanding of the pharmacology and physiology of withdrawal is necessary to determine the appropriate use of medications to modify the withdrawal process, making it more tolerable and safe.

More information on specific treatments offers:

As Addiction is a primary, chronic brain disease, continuing care is necessary to optimize outcomes, reduce relapse risk after the withdrawal period. Successful withdrawal management and detoxification should not be seen as an end in itself. Often people are preoccupied with getting off the substance and have difficulty focusing on recovery beyond abstinence. Social and peer support is essential and participation in 12-step groups such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA is encouraged. In addition, other recovery actions such as meditation and journaling are recommended as part of the bio-psycho-social-spiritual framework of recovery


Sherwoodpark Medical Detoxification

We provide medically supervised outpatient withdrawal management and medical detoxification. All new clients initially undergo our full comprehensive assessment. It is recommended that all 3 appointments be done on separate days to optimize the opportunity for you to talk openly and honestly with each professional and learn incrementally through each interaction. A comprehensive treatment plan will be developed throughout this process and shared with you as the assessment progresses. By the third and final assessment session, treatment recommendations will be discussed, which will provide guidance regarding ongoing services at SMC. Referrals to external resources can be done as needed.